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The control is your choice 

Photo: courtesy of Viking

Photo: courtesy of the Ferretti Group
Whether fishing or cruising, Supershift gives you the control you want, with the safety you need. Supershift is the latest development in marine transmission technology - created by ZF Marine, the experts in marine propulsion systems.
Smooth, Safe and Sure...
Modern, high performance engines rely on advanced electronic systems and require the same sophistication from the transmissions to guarantee the safety and comfort of all on board.

ZF Marine fully meets this requirement with SuperShift.

This fully integrated propulsion control system looks after you and your vessel at all times! Even maneuvering and docking is a "breeze" with quick, smooth shifting at your fingertips!
comes with a variety of options which you can choose to get the best out of your boat!

ZF 500 A with SuperShift
The benefits are:
  • Increased safety, providing precise control when you need it
  • Increased comfort, getting rid of the "bumps and jerks"
  • Increased engine protection, reducing shock loading
  • Increased reliability
  • Easy installation - "plug and play"
  • Easy diagnostic help, with rapid trouble-shooting and fine adjustment.